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'Natural Feeding for Horses' is a feeding system based on scientific research and the natural needs of horses. Over millions of years of evolution, adaptations have led horses to their current lifestyle. As a result of these adaptations, horses have requirements that need to be met by their environment: physical requirements, but also psychological requirements. If these requirements are not met, horses can develop behavioural and/or physical problems.

Natural Feeding for Horses reasons from horses' natural way of living: grazing head-down, roaming the fields and living in a herd. As a result, Natural Feeding is about more than just meeting nutritional requirements and what to feed - it also includes how to feed.

Get started with Natural Feeding

A small step for man, a big step in improving horse health: make two dietary changes and feed more in line with a horse's natural situation. Read more

Benefits of Natural Feeding

Benefits of Natural Feeding include supporting physical, digestive and emotional health, a custom yet simple feeding plan, and low feeding costs. Read more

Foundation principles of Natural Feeding

Natural Feeding is about more than just meeting nutritional requirements: it considers digestive, physical and mental health of horses. Read more

Natural Feeding vs Conventional Feeding

This page lists differences between a horse's natural environment and conventional feeding practice, plus common health problems associated with the latter. Read more

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Alexandra Wesker is an independent horse nutritionist. She writes features for magazines, blogs for this website and is author of the book 'Natural Feeding for Horses'. Read more