Respiratory supplements

Written by Alexandra Wesker on 30 May, 2016

As published in Horse Magazine, January 2015 issue.

Horses living in the wild have constant access to fresh air and a range of herbs and shrubs that increase their immunity and aid respiration. Domesticated horses are far removed from this lifestyle and factors such as stabling, dusty bedding and feeding hay can all take their toll.

Winter is a time when horses are more likely to develop dust-related problems and may need a little extra help in the form of a respiratory supplement. But what do they actually do? In general terms, respiratory supplements are designed to support a healthy respiratory tract. This allows the horse to breathe more easily and prevents the build up of dust in his lungs and airways. Some claim to flush out toxins associated with lung stress, whereas others are said to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation and congestion in the airways.

The ingredients found in these supplements vary, but many contain herbs that are well known for supporting a healthy respiratory system. Essential oils, vitamins A and C, and MSN are also commonly found in these products.

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