Health myths

Written by Alexandra Wesker on 16 May, 2016

As published in Horse Magazine, January 2015 issue.

Browse any online equestrian forum or Facebook page and you are sure to find worried owners asking for advice on their horses’ health conditions – and plenty of people making suggestions for treatment. Proposals range from toothpaste for sarcoids to herbs for lameness, and mouthwash for rain scald. But are these really ‘miracle’ cures – or could they do more harm than good? One remedy which has been finding favour across the world is turmeric. Facebook groups dedicated to the use of the herb have attracted thousands of members, who credit it for easing arthritis – in horses, dogs and humans – clearing the symptoms of sweet itch, destroying sarcoids and much more.

One fan is 24-year-old Chelsey Bamford, from Lincolnshire, who has been feeding it to her 15-year-old gelding, Teddy, for the last two months – with seemingly good results. The part-Thoroughbred was diagnosed with arthritic changes in the hock this summer and has ringbone in his left foreleg. “He was hopping lame,” Chelsey says. “He wasn’t using that leg at all, but dragging it. “People said he was just stiff, but I know my horse and he wasn’t right.”

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