Body building

Written by Alexandra Wesker on 19 September, 2016

As published in Horse Magazine, March 2016 issue.

A common worry for owners in the winter months is horses dropping condition. We’ve asked equine nutritionists for their best tips to tackle the issue

As the days start to get longer, many riders will increase their horse’s workload, aiming to build up fitness and body condition in preparation for a busy summer of competing or longer hacks. A horse who has been well prepared for the tasks he’s required to do will not only perform better, but will have more chance of staying sound and healthy during the months ahead. While many owners pay close attention to their horse’s exercise programme, a balanced diet is also a key factor in aiding performance. Choosing the right feed for your horse will help to keep his body condition at the correct levels. But what does the term body condition mean and how do we know we’ve got it right?

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