Benefits of Natural Feeding

Feed your horse the natural way and support his/her wellbeing. Natural Feeding supports the nutritional, physical, emotional and hard-wired psychological requirements of your horse. Plus, the customised, roughage-based diets take the guesswork out of you horse's diet!

Natural Feeding supports your horse’s physical, emotional and digestive health. By feeding for health you can get the best out of your horse in both performance and behaviour.

As Natural Feeding diets are roughage-based, they are generally cheaper than conventional diets. Natural Feeding diets are consistent — no need to choose various feeds, or plan feeding occasions, plus consistent diets support your horse’s gut health.

The book, 'Natural Feeding for Horses', provides and understanding of the physical and emotional needs of your horse with respect to feeding, plus shows you how to:

Cover the energy requirements of your horse
Compare your horse's nutritional requirements to a roughage-analysis
Choose a roughage-type that's suited to your horse
Support the health of your horse's digestive system
Help prevent common nutritional diseases
Adapt your feeding plan to cover changes in activity or breeding
Help prevent boredom
Help prevent behavioural problems often associated with conventional meal feeding
Support your horse's emotional health
Help keep your horse's back and neck healthy and pain-free
Support the natural function of muscles, tendons and joints